Door Repair

Home or Office Door Repair

We offer all our customers a No-Nonsense approach for all jobs whether it’s an old door or new door that needs repairing or installing. With over 15 years experience you know you’re in good hands because we fix all types of door pronto.

Some doors we service

  • Internal hollow core doors
  • Solid core Internal doors
  • External door
  • Bi-fold door
  • french door
  • Office Door
  • Custom door
  • Fire Door
  • Standard doors

 Type of fixes

We also supply and install custom doors including repairs to broken doors, old doors or doors with holes. If your front door is rubbing, jamming or misaligned, this is common due to a shift in the foundation and can be done the same day.

Call 1300 799 466 or email


Sliding Door


Sliding Door Repair

Sliding doors usually falter over time; this will cause your door to jam or scrape if not addressed, it may cause additional damage making it feel impossible to open. Repairing sliding doors is a lot cheaper than replacing them and can save you thousands. Myreno offers experienced and proficient repair services for sliding doors across Melbourne. You can be certain of one thing we know how to fix doors fast!

Sliding doors we service

  • Sliding glass door
  • Internal sliding door
  • Cavity sliding door
  • roller door
  • Bi-fold door
  • Screen door
  • Replace standard rollers
  • Custom fit rollers
  • Replace Bottom track
  • Repair Bottom track
  • Sliding door alignment
  • Repair sliding door lock
  • Replace sliding door lock


Call 1300 799 466 or email


Door Repair



In the unfortunate event of a break-in, you may need immediate repair or replacement to your door and door frame. We are available for urgent call outs and can help secure your home and belongings with emergency door repairs Melbourne wide. We deal with break-ins as priorities and take precedence over other jobs in queue.

Type of fixes for break in repairs

We provide temporary lock to your premises securing the damaged door(s) and frame, including other damage that you require us to fix. After the entry point has been secured, we will commence repairs the following day stating with all measurements to the door(s) and frame, then we'll determine the best fix including whether your parts are custom or standard and provide you a quote for your convenience. Only when the quote is approved are are we able to proceed with repairs.

For break-ins, please call 0423 873 997 (note this number is only for break-in repairs only)

For general inquiries, please call 1300 799 466 or email


Door repair Melbourne wide

If you have a broken front door we can arrange to secure your door shut and arrange to have your door and frame promptly repaired, this includes doors, frames, locks, hardware, painting and removal of debris. Please call this number 0423 873 997 for Break-ins or urgent repairs only. 

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