Bi-Fold Door repair

Bi-Fold Door repair for home or office Melbourne wide

Bi-Fold Door Repair Melbourne

Bi-Fold Door Repair Melbourne

Myreno provides Bi-fold door repairs and maintenance Melbourne wide. Bi-fold doors can be a little tricky for the non-experienced to deal with due to the nature of the door system. Various parts are required to work in tandem for them to operate correctly. So you can imagine when they are not functioning properly, it’s a matter of determining the specific cause to repair them correctly.

Why is my bi-fold door not working properly?

If a Bi-fold door is not working there can be numerous issues that prevent them functioning as they should. For instance, the overhead track or rollers may need repairing or replacing, or the hinges may need repairing, more common may also be that the pivots need replacing due to wearing out.

How to repair a bi-fold door

You will need some experience in repairing a bi-fold door as they can be quite tricky at times. One of the most common issues with these types of doors are alignment problems, which are caused when a pivot has not been adjusted, and the door begins sagging. The main point of a bi-fold door is the top and bottom pivots which control the main panel that in turn supports the rest of the doors like a chain reaction. Once the pivots have been adjusted correctly, the rollers and hinges may also need adjusting to align with the main panels. A Myreno handyman can fix your door same day.

Bi-fold door Parts

Bi-fold door repairs are mostly considered a custom repair as parts are not always accessible. This is because a bi-fold door is nearly always specifically designed to fit an opening/doorway. Myreno offers door repairs for Bi-fold doors, Sliding doors and many other types or doors around the home or office so if you need a door repair contact us today. Parts that may need repairs are pivots, adjustable hinges, brackets or overhead track.

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Bi-Fold Door Repair Melbourne