Sliding Cavity Door repair

Sliding Door repair for home or office Melbourne wide

Sliding Cavity Door Repair Melbourne

Sliding Cavity Door Repair Melbourne

Myreno door repair offers repairs and service to many doors including Sliding Cavity doors, like most doors are susceptible to breaking down but unlike other doors, they are probably, in my opinion, the most technical to fix. As they are built into the wall, it's not always ideal when repairing them especially when you may need to replace the track which is housed inside the top of the frame wall.

Common issue with sliding cavity doors

Common issues with sliding cavity doors are alignment problems, worn tracks and broken rollers all of which may require you to remove the door for repairs or service. It may not always be a major job, though. If the front rollers need replacing, you may not even be required to remove the door at all. It really depends upon an inspection what the best approach will be.

How to repair a cavity doors

Repairing a Cavity door requires some experience and the correct tools due to the various style of systems available. Let's base this example on a standard cavity sliding door which requires both rollers to be replaced... Firstly you will have to remove the door entirely from inside the wall. If you already have the replacement parts handy, proceed to remove all the damaged parts. Otherwise simply take the old parts out and run them down to your local door supplier. This way you will be certain to get the correct parts to repair the doors. Proceed to install the replacement parts and accessories. The next step may be a little confusing as you are required to reinstall the door once you have all the parts in place. After that, you will be required to adjust the rollers to the correct height and alignment of the frame. A Myreno handyman can help repair your cavity door as we have many years of experience in all door repairs.

Cavity door track repair

Repairing or replacing a cavity door track is a custom job which is a lot more difficult than replacing rollers or other parts. In some uncommon cases, there will need to be some work done to the wall itself which can cause other repairs to take place. A Myreno handyman can do this for you saving you time and money.


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