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Fire Door Melbourne

Fire doors, unlike most standard doors, are a much more complex fix. This is due to the regulation required by Building Code of Australia and the relevant Australian Standards concerning them. At Myreno we don’t install these doors but can help determine if your door is a fire rated door and guide you with using the proper channels. This means we require qualified persons only to supply and install these door. Fire doors must be installed in compliance with regulations. We would normally assign these jobs to our affiliates who will deal with Fire doors, safety doors, factory escape door unit and so on.

How do I know if my door is a fire door?

Fire doors are normally marked. You should be able to find some kind or description or imprint on a metal plate or even through the agent or body corporate. If you are required to replace a door that you may think is a fire door but can't be sure, you should be able to find marking to determine whether it's a fire door or not. It's best to seek advice from the building owner or relevant persons before proceeding. Markings are normally found on the side of the door where you normally find the hinges. Fire door are nothing like standard domestic doors as they are made up of special internal material to help contain high temperatures from fires to help prevent outbreak spreading in a building. They are required to be installed in most public buildings in some capacity. Myreno are not specialists in fire doors. To help you understand more about the Regulations and information around fire doors you will need to seek a professional fire door company. This a guide to help you get some kind of basic understanding on fire doors. If you are not sure about your door or whether it needs to be looked at, you should call your building inspector landlord or body corporate or persons concerned to get more information.

How to replace a fire door?

Fire doors, as previously mentioned can only be worked on by certified personnel. There are many installers who do this including affiliates we use.

Where do get a fire door

If you need a fire door we can help even though we don't install or manufacture fire doors we can help arrange to have this carried out for you. Approved personal can cater for this service from manufacturing the door to supply and installation of door and hardware.

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