Door & Frame Repairs

If you've returned home and found your front or back door wide open due to a break-in its not a great feeling, its actually a little confronting at first i for one have had this unpleasant experience so i know the feeling. There are several things you'll need to consider and the first step is to secure the door shut, once thats done proceed to report the home invasion, when all thats out of the way you’ll then need to begin arranging repairs/replacement for all the parts such as the doors or frame and locks and so on. Searching for door suppliers, door installers, lock smiths, carpenters and painters can be time consuming and quite difficult to get a quick response, thats were we can save you time as we do all the work hassle free. From urgent lock up to very the end we'll have your entrance restored promptly. At Myreno we specialise in doors and frame repair Melbourne wide. contact us today

Forced entry/Break-ins only, Call 0423 873 997