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Repairs to fronts door are not uncommon. Especially minor issues that usually occur when a property has shifted due to changes in weather conditions causing movement in the foundation. Effects caused by such conditions are, the door becoming misaligned therefore it will not close properly and rubbing. Most doors may be affected by such a slight shift in foundation including internal doors. Front doors are the most important for security reasons. Understandably so, these tend to create most concerns. At Myreno, we have many years experience in dealing with such issues to doors and therefore have developed reliable techniques to fix such problems.

Other Factors

Other more serious concerns caused to the front doors are break-ins. A break-in can cause substantial damage to the door and door frame. In such circumstances, the door lock will usually break due to forced entry which then causes a ripple effect causing part of the door and door frame to break apart.

I found my front door Broken

It's very confronting when you arrive at your home to discover this type of occurrence. I should know as I have personally experienced my front door broken when arriving home from work. It’s an eerie feeling when you walk into your home which should be a safe place, and you see your belongings all over the place; electronics, money, and jewellery missing among a host of other things.

In the unfortunate event you find yourself in this situation, simply contact us today on 0423 873 997 or visit We can help with urgent door repairs Melbourne wide.

What to do if your front Door is broken-in

First step is to call a Myreno handyman they will secure your door overnight. The following day we'll arrange parts, take all measurements and commence repairs as soon as possible. When all is complete, you may want a little extra work done to secure the front entrance or the installation such as a stronger door or security door, we can help you here also!

Backdoor Broken-in

Back doors are no different to front doors. We only think they are less likely to be affected in such circumstances because we don’t use them as much. So if this happens to the back door instead, the same principles apply as the front entrance door. Exterior doors are all the same, even garage doors, shed doors, french doors, bi-fold doors or sliding doors or Patio doors. They all have the same impact when seriously damaged.

Things to Consider to fix your door

Things you will need to consider when replacing an entrance door in the current circumstances mentioned, In most situations, doors will need to be custom fitted, so it's not as simple as going to the local hardware store and picking up a door. You will need to consider dimensions, height, width, depth and material as all are equally important. You will need to choose a lock or deadlock or even both. Some locks may need to be custom fitted to suit a particular door and frame then you have to consider the frame itself; This will need to be repaired or mostly likely replaced, in this case if the frame is attached to a panel, glass or electrical wires you’ll need professional advice.

Myreno handyman are experienced in all aspects of door repair. We service home or office Melbourne wide.

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