How to fix a rubbing Door

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How to fix a door that' rubbing..

1. Check all your hinges

Step (1) Sometimes you may have a situation where there has been some foundation movement which can cause doors to go out on alignment. This is one of the more common causes of door issues. Another cause for doors rubbing is the installation of new carpet or raised tiles; all these things can affect the doors in your home. 

Firstly, have a good look at the hinges top mid and bottom to be sure all is OK. If you do find a wobbly hinge, then you will most likely find a loose screw, if so simply go ahead and tighten it with a screwdriver cordless drill.


2. Open door gently

Step (2) Go ahead and gently open the door if it's rubbing you don't want to scrap the floor. It is particularly a good idea to be careful at this stage because if you have floorboards, you don't want to damage them.

3. Check the door alignment

Check to see if the door has a wobble, you can do this by standing in front of the door and grabbing the both door handles, once in positions gently lift the door up if there is substantial movement then the door has dropped, you may have a damaged hinge that need replacing.

4. Pin point the rubbing section

Step (4) Proceed to find where the door is jamming; open the door as much as you need to determine exactly what position the door is in when it's being affected. You can do this simply by getting down to get a better look at the bottom of the door, then proceed by opening and closing the door slowly. You should then identify where its rubbing, so you don't forget mark the section with a pencil. This will be the area you need to plain or sand. Its also wise to mark which is the top or bottom to avoid planning the wrong end.


5. Remove the door

Step (5) Removing the door require you unscrew the door from the frame or the door itself whatever gives you better leverage or access to the screws. Once the door is removed, place it on a sawhorse and proceed to sand it down. Normally if you shave off a few millimetres this should be enough. If you don't want the hassle of hanging the door then finding it need more, simply shave off a little more to prevent removing the door again.


6. Re-check door is not rubbing

Step (6) Once you have finished shaving of a few millimetres the door should be ready to re-hang. You may need help removing and installing doors as there weight may sometimes be a factor, if its a hollow internal door they are normally a lot easier to deal with. Line up the hinges start at the top then work your way down. If the door has been installed correctly in its exact position then there should be no more rubbing. Test your door for rubbing once again by slowly opening and closing it.

Repair Door Complete

Once the door is correctly fitted you should be ready for the final stage. Its not always required but if you find after removing the door and trimming it down there are a few chips or blemishes, they can be overcome by applying a layer of paint to the bottom edge of the door. Of course it would be very wise to have the matching paint. You should now have a door that works like new.   

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The above are guides to help you understand how the tasks are carried out. Please seek help from an experienced person when requiring to complete these jobs as they are not for inexperienced persons. Myreno Handyman are highly experienced in this fields. Door can be very heavy and material and tools can be hazardous, safety-ware should always be used for these purposes.  

How to fix a rubbing door