How to install new door

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How to install a Bedroom Door..

1. Material required

How to install a new door

Step (1) Installing a new door isn't the hardest thing in the world providing you have all the right tools, and more importantly, you have the right dimensions. This door installation guide is based on replacing an existing door, so you will need to have the dimension based on the old parts. This will make the process a lot easier.

Some basic tools you will need to get started are cordless drill, Hammer, chisel and a hole cutter template and sandpaper.


2. Easy fit hinges

Step (2) If you want to make the process a lot easier simply purchase some easy fit hinges, these things are great they save you heaps of time and a few dollars. These hinges work perfectly well on internal hollow core door; you won't need to chisel out the section like you normally would for traditional butt hinges.


3. Install Easy fit hinges

Step (3) Proceed to install the hinges of your choice on the side of the door, they can be near the top and bottom of the door. As this is a hollow core bedroom door two should be enough.

4. Hang the door

Step (4) Once you have installed the hinges near the top and bottom of door you can then proceed to hang the door. Remember to leave a gap at the bottom of the door. A minimum of 5m in usually enough space to keep the door from scrapping on the floor.

5. Installing a door handle

Step (5) I like to use this gadget to cut out a holes for door handles, it’s a door handle installation kit. You can insert it in the door position exactly where you would like the door handle to sit, secure it on the door, and away you go.

6. Drilling the holes

Step (6) You will have to cut through both sides of the door. I have removed the template from the door as you can see this is due to years of practice i no longer need this template. It’s recommended to use a template for a good finish.

7. Cutting hole for lock barrel

Step (7) Same principle applies for when you're cutting out the holes for the lock barrel you can use the template. Here you will need to be steady as the barrel needs to be a straight fit for the door handle to fit and operate smoothly.


8. Install door handle

Step (8) Once you have successfully cut out all the door holes you can proceed to the next stage installing the door handle. If you need an experienced handyman to look after your door repair such installations simply contact a Myreno handyman below using the free inquiry form.


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The above are guides to help you understand how the tasks are carried out. Please seek help from an experienced person when requiring to complete these jobs as they are not for inexperienced persons. Myreno Handyman are highly experienced in this fields. Door can be very heavy and material and tools can be hazardous, safety-ware should always be used for these purposes.  

How to install a door