How to install door handle

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How to install a door handle..

1. Using a Template kit

Step (1) Please note this should be carried out by an experienced person only. When installing handles, its easier to use a door lock installation kit this helps me dramatically reduce possible errors such as alignment issues when complete. Proceed to place the template in the position where you want the handle to be placed.

2. Cutting out the hole

Step (2) The door being used here is an internal hollow core door so drilling into it shouldn't be very difficult, if it were a solid core door it would be same procedure just more difficult. Continue to cut through the door on both sides.

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3. Drill out the latch hole

Step (3) Whenever your drilling holes for door handles always remember to keep a steady hand and most importantly keep balanced. If the hole is not straight or on a slight angle, the handle will not fit or work properly.


4. Chisel out the latch plate

Step (4) The plate for the latch will need to be chiseled out; this gives the door a better overall finish. If the plate is not chiseled out, you may have problems inserting the handle or closing the door.

5. Insert the lock barrel

Step (5) Once the plate section has been created, proceed to insert the lock barrel. This should now fit comfortably without much resistance.

6. Screw the plate in place

Step (6) If everything is working out as it should you are now ready to secure the barrel in place, do this by firmly tightening the plate screws.

7. Insert left door handle

Step (7) Now you are ready to insert the left handle in place, do this by guiding the handle through the two screw hole in the barrel.

8. Insert right handle

Step (8) Now insert the right side door handle. The screw holes and screws of both handles should always to meet up perfectly. If so go ahead and firmly tighten the screws after this test the handles make sure they are turning freely and spring back into position.


9. Installation completed 

Step (9) Once the door handle is correctly fitted, you should be ready for the final stage, test the door make sure its catching and locking into position. You should now have a door that works like new.

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The above are guides to help you understand how the tasks are carried out. Please seek help from an experienced person when requiring to complete these jobs as they are not for inexperienced persons. Myreno Handyman are highly experienced in this fields. Doors can be very heavy and material and tools can be hazardous, safety-ware should always be used for these purposes.  

How to install door a handle