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Bedroom Door Repair Melbourne

Bedroom Door Repair Melbourne

Internal doors, unlike entrance doors, tend to be left behind when we consider repairs I guess its because they don’t really affect us as much, like our safety is not a concern like front or back doors, so we don’t really think of them for security purposes. If your front door is misaligned and therefore not closing properly, you would have it repair almost instantly. Internal door have their problems as well and need maintenance although not as urgent like entrance doors.

I have seen some heavenly damaged internal doors over my time, and it's not always due to natural causes which are quite obvious in most cases. The issue with internal doors, especially nowadays, is that they are all made from cheap artificiality layered wood and material alike. I call them solid cardboard doors! This is because 90% of damaged internal doors I repair are broken one way or another, either they have holes accidentally or intentionally,or just simply warped.

Internal door repair

Due to the nature of internal doors such as bedroom doors, especially if you go to the hardware giants are sold for around $35-$59 dollars, so they are always going to be cheap because cheap is what they stand for. I'm always amused when in this day and age, when technology is better than ever we see 80% of homes being built with cheaper, inferior materials when were paying more than ever for houses? but that's another discussion, without getting to side tracked, homes I'm referring to and repairing these days have ongoing problems with Skirting Boards, Architraves, Door frames and doors themselves because these materials being used are not sustainable over time to water, through condensation or moist or by simple everyday tasks such as mopping, cleaning, showering, bathing and so on water will eventually reach these areas. Manufactured material for internal doors and alike should avoid contact with water.

Other issues caused to internal door

If a bedroom door is not catching on the latch or rubbing on the frame, therefore, unable to close, for privacy reasons this is very annoying especially when you're trying to rest, these fixes in most occasion are done same day.

Other more obvious damage caused to internal doors are holes because internal doors are so weak nowadays a simple stumble can pierce a hole in a door. I fix a lot of holes in doors, not all of them caused by accidents some have been punched or kicked, in most cases, if the damage is less than15cm in diameter and hasn’t gone through the other side of the door a myreno handyman can fix it.

Other internal doors we fix

Bedroom doors, Sliding doors, Bifold door, Cavity doors, and more. If you require any work to your door such as fixing holes, replacing them, installation of hinges, locks, latches and more a myreno handyman can do this without fuss.

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Internal Door Repair Melbourne