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Patio Door Repair Melbourne

 Patio Door Repair Melbourne

Patio doors come in all shapes and sizes they can be solid doors, glass doors with wood frames or glass doors with aluminium frames and so on. The purpose of a patio door is to give an appealing exit/entry to and from the patio. Depending on the type of external door there are several causes for these doors to require additional maintenance mainly if the door is heavily exposed to weathering. Patio doors.

Type of Patio doors

Patio doors are mostly commonly Sliding Doors, French Doors or Bi-fold Doors; all these doors require more attention than internal doors due to weathering. Weather conditions play a big part in the lifespan of a door especially if a door is not in good condition. Other than just wear and tear, shifting in the foundation can have an undesirable effect. A small 5 mm shift in foundation will make a door hard to open due to rubbing or jamming.

Repairing/ Maintaining Patio door

As these doors are exterior, you will need to maintain them by keeping them from being exposed to constant weathering, of course, this is only a problem if your door is not in good condition. You will not need to be concerned if it is well maintained. Wood doors especially will need to be painted or stained every few years or so to keep them functioning and looking good, other patio doors like sliding aluminum doors will need their tracks to be regularly cleaned from bust to prevent build up of grime. French doors and Bi-fold doors are no exceptions they will also need maintenance. Bi-fold doors require to be adjusted to prevent any rubbing or scraping; this is normally done by the pivots or adjustable hinges on both ends of the panels. A Myreno handyman can carry out these repairs for you.

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Patio Door Repair Melbourne