How to fix a Sliding Door

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How to fix a Sliding Door.

1. Sliding door getting stuck

Step (1) Sliding doors are susceptible to getting stuck, especially if they are not serviced or maintained correctly. If you have a door that's giving you problems opening and closing, then you may need to repair it soon.

Don't worry this will still be a lot cheaper than getting a new sliding door. Standard sliding doors can cost thousands to replace, a standard repair will cost a lot less.


2. Sliding door track

Step (2) Have a look at the bottom track of the sliding door, make sure it's not damaged. A sliding door track can easily be damaged if your door is operating for long periods of time while in need of a service.

3. Remove sliding door

Step (3) Remove your sliding door from its tracks by lifting it out of position. Don't do this on your own seek an experienced person at all times when dealing with glass doors or any door that needs repair. A Myreno can provide professional door repairs Melbourne wide.


4. Sliding door parts

Step (4) Sliding door parts such as rollers come in all types of shapes and sizes. It's important to get the right rollers for your door and the correct capacity as this can be the difference in them lasting a lot longer and breaking down again.

5. Installing sliding door rollers

Step (5) The rollers should have a screw or clips holing them in place; this is used to secure the rollers onto the door frame and in the correct position.

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6. Adjusting sliding door roller 

Step (6) Once you have sourced the correct roller or housing and checked to see if the track is not damaged you can proceed to install them. The rollers will usually have a screw on the housing for so you can adjust the hight fro each side of the door. So you don't damage the roller its a good idea to retract them all the way at the beginning.

7. Installing sliding door

Step (7) Once the roller are correctly installed the door will need to be fitted into position on its track, its best to start at the top of the door and work your way down. Once in place should then be ready for the final stages.

8. Align sliding door

Step (8) Now you'll need to align the door to minimize any gaps and most importantly as this is an external door it has to be locking properly by catching the lock. I like to start leveling the the front then do the back, this may need to be done a couple of times to align the lock perfectly.


9. Sliding door repair complete

Step (9) At this stage if everything is done correctly the door should be opening and closing effortlessly. There may be exceptions depending on the weight and size of the sliding door, this can effect how easy it is to open and close, but this fix will be as good as can be for a particular door. Of course, you can choose to replace the whole door, but we've already mentioned the massive difference in costs to go down that path.

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The above are guides to help you understand how the tasks are carried out. Please seek help from an experienced person when requiring to complete these jobs as they are not for inexperienced persons. Myreno Handyman are highly experienced in this fields. Door can be very heavy and material and tools can be hazardous, safety-ware should always be used for these purposes.  

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