Urgent Door Repair

Urgent Door Repair for home or office Melbourne wide

Urgent Door Repairs Melbourne

Urgent Door Repairs Melbourne

I've had a break-in!

For urgent door repair, call us today to arrange an experienced Myreno handyman on 0423 873 997  we'll look after the repairs.

There are several things to consider if you’ve had a break-in, as we specialize in this work you’ll most likely need an experienced door service such as Myreno Handyman to deal with this scenario. Firstly It's wise to call the police and arrange an inspection; this will be required in most cases to prevent any evidence being accidentally lost in the repairs. We will then arrange to secure your front entrance for the night and begin to arrange repairs the following day.

How do I repair my broken front door?

In the event of a break-in as mentioned, we will look after everything for you once you have given the go ahead to start the repairs. Part of the repair will be to determine the damage to the frame or style; this can be the tricky part at times compared with the door itself. In most cases if the door is broken a new front door will be required or if it's not a standard door we will custom make a door to suit. If you're not too concerned we can install a suitable alternative this is normally the most popular and faster option. All Myreno urgent door repair work comes with a warranty so if for some reason you feel something needs fixing were there to help you.


You’ll need all the right measurements and material. As entrance doors are an important part of the home security, it's wise to have someone who has experience in dealing with this situation for peace of mind.

Other Door issues

There may be times when your entrance door is not closing properly for various reasons such as is jamming or rubbing; this may be due to the foundation of the property shifting this is usually the main culprit for such circumstances. When we mention this to customers they will nearly always get a fright! you can almost hear the silence. The fact is every property shifts due to changing weather conditions you just need to be more concerned if there’s a big shift and your house has developed cracks and so on. When it comes to doors it only takes a few millimeters to put your door out of whack; a standard door has about 3/5 mm gap so you can imagine what effect a 5 mm shift in the foundation can have.

Myreno Handyman are professional door repair experts home or office properties Melbourne wide.

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