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Bi-fold Door Repair

When a Bifold door needs attention it's usually because the door may require alignment, in more detailed occasions the parts such as special hinges or pivots may need replacing. The first port of call is to have the door aligned so they operate in tandem this normally fixes the issues on the other hand if you’ve had this done and it hasn’t worked then it may require more in-depth look at the problem. Contact Myreno for bi-fold door repairs,

Wood Bi-fold Door

External folding doors come in different sizes to fit many openings. These doors are a beautiful addition to any home and provide incredible open space leading to outdoor living areas. These doors and panels work seamlessly together, however, they have many moving parts so they may require servicing every few years. The door system has many specific parts such as Hinges, handles, pivots, flushbolts, hangers, rollers, carriages, flush bolts, and more. Myreno services all these parts.

Hardware Repair

Bifold doors are only problematic when the hardware has failed or broken. If the system is functional, bifold door repairs are relatively standard; therefore, parts can be refurbished often, allowing them to function as intended. Occasionally, we come across broken door hardware; these scenarios can cause issues as most bifold doors are made specific to the home, which means parts of hardware are unavailable to consumers. To avoid such situations, It's a good idea not to keep forcing them to open or close when the doors are getting stuck or scraping. This intern can put extra strain on the hardware, causing it to break eventually. If your doors are becoming increasingly difficult to open, it's time to have them serviced at a fraction of the cost of sourcing or replacing them. Another example is that your property can shift, which can then cause alignment issues; in this scenario, we may need to remove and resize the door to fit the current frame dimensions. Contact Myreno Door Repair for all your bifold door repairs. We service all surrounding Melbourne suburbs.

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If you have issues with your bifold doors or need to service them, for a fast response, send a picture including a brief description of the problem and suburb to 0435 175 369