Cavity Door repair

Myreno door repair offers repairs and other services to many doors including Sliding Cavity doors, which, like most doors, are susceptible to breaking down but unlike other doors; they can be quite tricky to fix because they are inside the wall, its a good idea to determine the issue first before pulling things apart. For instance if the rollers need replacing it's not as daunting as replacing the track which is inside the wall.

Common Issues with Sliding Cavity Doors

Common issues with sliding cavity doors are alignment problems, worn tracks, and broken rollers; all of which may require you to remove the entry door for repairs or service. It may not always be a big job, though, for instance, If the rollers need replacement, you won't be required to alter the wall at all. It all depends upon the result of an inspection of what the best approach should be.

How to Repair Cavity Doors

Repairing cavity doors or pocket door as they also know requires some experience and the correct tools due to the various styles of systems available. Let's base this example on a standard cavity sliding door which needs both rollers to replaced. Firstly, you have to remove the door entirely from inside the wall. If you already have the replacement parts ready, then proceed to remove all the old parts, now proceed to install the replacement parts and accessories. The next step may be a little confusing as you are required to reinstall the door once you have all the pieces in place. After that, you will be necessary to adjust the rollers to the correct height and in alignment with the frame. A Myreno handyman can help repair your cavity door as we have many years of experience in all door repairs.

Cavity Door Track Repair

Repairing or replacing a cavity door track is a custom job that will require a professional, unfortunately, isn't not as straight forward as replacing rollers. In most cases replacing the track will require some work done to the wall itself which can cause other repairs to take place such as plastering and painting. A Myreno handyman can do this for you in a way that saves you time and money.