Door Repair Melbourne

Door repair

Door repair service for all your home and office needs, we fix a variety of doors, with many years experience you can be sure you have the right person for the job. Do you have a door that’s jamming or sticking? maybe the lock or barrel have become misaligned over the years, or the hinges and latch simply need repositioning. Their are many factors that can cause a door to require servicing and 90% of the time this is caused by foundation movement, don’t panic this is quite common. What causes this well its all dependant on weather, long dry seasons will effect the ground so will overly wet periods, if you have construction near by that may also play a part. No matter the reasoning these scenarios are out of our hands. all you need is 5mm of ground shifting either way and this may causing multiple doors to start sticking. Simply call the experts at Myreno to effectively fix your door issues fast, with over 15 years experience we’ve developed some excellent techniques to get you up and running again.

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