Forced Entry Door Repair

For urgent door and frame repairs, call 0435 175 369 If you've had a break-in, you will know there are several things to consider repairing. In most cases, if a door has been forced open, it will split or break; this also includes the frame; the force may even break locks, and so on; as door specialists, we have the experience to do all the repairs. Before any work can begin, it's wise to call the police and arrange an inspection; the insurer will require this in most cases to prevent possible accidental loss of any evidence during the repairs. We will then organize the security of your front entrance for the night and begin repairs accordingly.

How Do I Repair A Broken Front Door?

We'll get onto it immediately once you have given us the go-ahead to start the repairs. Part of the repair process will be determining the damage to the door, frame, or both. We'll arrange a new door, and if it's not a standard door, we'll arrange a custom door to suit. All Myreno door repair works come with a 12-month warranty.

Other Factors

There may be times when your entrance door fails for various reasons, such as jamming or rubbing, causing it not to close correctly; this will usually occur when the property's foundation begins to shift. Often, when we mention this to customers, they look concerned; the fact is that most property foundations move a few millimeters, and this happens quite often. Changing weather conditions are the most significant factor of this; one might need to be more concerned if there's a considerable shift causing your house to develop odd large cracks. When it comes to doors, it only takes a few millimeters to put them out of wack, and, of course, a standard door has about a 4/6mm gap, so you can imagine what effect a 10mm shift in the foundation can have on the frame. Myreno provides expert door repairs, Melbourne-wide. contact

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