Sliding Door repair

Sliding doors need to be occasionally serviced to get them functioning properly, even though they can last years without service, it's not the best way to maintain them. Sliding doors issues usually arise from wear and tear so cleaning the track and rollers regularly is a good way to prolong them. As sliding doors come in many sizes, shapes, and weight most problems associated with sliding doors are due to wrong capacity rollers/parts..

Common Sliding Door Issues

The type of issues that can occur to sliding doors stems from the weight of the door which eventually builds up gunk and, in turn, affects the system. The roller then begins to jump slightly and eventually, cause them to wear out and give way by splitting or breaking. I've seen lots of cases where even such occurrence wasn’t an alarm bell for some people; they would rather drag the door forcefully until the door was completely jammed. When you forcefully drag the door shut, your actually causing more damage to the bottom track and rollers.

What if the sliding door doesn't come out easily

The only way to fix sliding doors that are badly damaged is to repair or replace the bottom track; this is not the point you will want to get to, especially if you have a door that doesn't pop out of its frame easily. If this is the case, the frame will need alteration to remove the door and panel which may carry additional costs.

What if the Sliding Track Is Not Replaceable?

There are other issues you may face because most tracks today don’t easily come out; they are built as one unit and as part of the frame. New sliding doors look nice and fanciful when operating for the first couple of years. However, when they get to this situation we're referring to, you will need to replace the bottom track. Replacing the track can be a sort of a nightmare if the one in place can’t be removed. There are two alternative ways of handling such situations; one is to grind out the bottom plate and then make and custom-fit a new cover. Most either don’t know how to do this or just think it's too hard. Therefore, the most common thing to do, in a situation like this, is to replace the door and the frame, which can be very costly..

Cost of Repairing a Sliding Door

Replacing badly damaged sliding door and frame can cost thousands of dollars. However, repairing a standard sliding door where standard repairs are required, if properly done, can restore the door to its original functioning glory. This is because, after years of experience, we have developed techniques to custom-fix sliding doors without much fuss. We are highly experienced in sliding door repairs, and you'll definitely get better results in the end. Myreno Handyman has professionals and experts in door repairs, both home and office, Melbourne wide.

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