Sticky Door

Is your door sticking at the bottom, jamming on the side, or rubbing at the top? These are all common scenarios that can cause a door to become dysfunctional. Nothing is more frustrating than a front door that is jammed and requires a big effort just to open it. It doesn't seem very inviting, at the least. After 15 years of repairing doors, we have many quick solutions to solve this problem, allowing you to gain your pride and dignity back.


Here are some tips for repairing sticky doors: if it's getting stuck on the lock side of the door, you can easily reach it with sandpaper. Try a grit 40. Rub it back. Then, if it needs smoothing out, use a grit 80 that should help solve the problem. In some cases, you can't reach the sections of the door that require sanding. The most common place a door will rub is the bottom; this requires the door to be taken down to allow for sanding.

In the most dramatic circumstances, a door can get badly stuck on part of the frame. In this case, sanding may not do the trick. The way this can be resolved is to determine precisely where it is getting stuck, take down the door, and customize its dimensions to fit the frame. Ultimately, doors getting stuck are due to house foundation issues. Every house foundation causes movement, some more than others. If your back door, patio door, or bedroom door is jamming or needs alignment, call Myreno on 0435055135 to fix the problem fast. We service all around Melbourne.. more..

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