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Door and Frame Repair

Forced entry

They say if you've ever had your front door forced open, it's a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. Unfortunately, as reassuring as that sounds, this causes significant damage to the door and door jamb. The first thing to break is the lock and a section of the door, specifically where the lock is situated. When a door is kicked open, the person doing the kicking purposely aims for the lock section.

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Damaged door jamb

We've been repairing front door damage like this for years and, along the way, developed some handy workarounds to help you save time and money. Sometimes, the damage is so bad that we must fully replace the lock side door jamb. The most preferred way is to cut out and replace the broken Jamb; this is primarily a quick fix for those wanting the frame repaired ASAP. If done right, this fix is just as good as replacing the whole Jamb. It works because the cut-out and replaced sections can be secured and painted to conceal the repairs.

... On the other hand, if the door is broken, it will usually need to be replaced. Even when it doesn't look badly damaged, you may find cracks where the lock barrel sits. When this occurs, it will compromise the strength of the Door. In such cases, you could imagine it could easily break or be forced to open.

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If you have issues with your door or door jamb, for a fast response, send a picture and a brief description of the problem, including the suburb, to 0435175369, and we'll arrange the repairs for you.